Be a champion

be a champion


If you roam around with losers you will end up as a loser. Unconsciously you will grasp their ways you will pick up the habits and most importantly you will change your attitude towards life. If you are around negative people all the time you will also become negative like them.Many of us living there life on the conclusions made by other peoples. The other thing is that if you want to achieve something significant in your life and want to succeed in your life the crucial things where you can start is align yourself with the powerful people. Try to align yourself with the people who motivate you with people you can learn from, people who think like you who wants to dream like you who wants more out of their lives. Try to be with peoples who were seeking and searching for some high ground in life.
See it doesn't take any efforts to be a loser it doesn't take any motivation to be at the bottom, but if you want to to become successful in your life then my friends you have to harness yourself to say I am going to challenge myself sometimes I have to pull myself out of the bed come on lets. You have to change a few things like things I should do I don't do things I shouldn't do I do based on the factor how it will help you in achieving your dream. In this journey, you will find that the biggest enemy you have is yourself. we are not talking about that you should be strong that you should be intelligent that you should be handsome the only thing which success demands is your will. we are talking about when you reach to that Where there are two people and somebody gotta tap out before the other person. You should have the will that you will not tap out to the other person. And this will come in your life regularly and you want to know who is that the person? it's the pain which wants to stop you from walking on the tough Path to be a Champion. It's always about the mentality what you hold. That's what I love about Michael Jordan. when Michael Jordan had the flu he still put up 38 points on the board. He played every single moment he game. In between of the game, he took break got ready and came back get break got some water came right back because he understood that he got a wart this thing and I can't take a deal like if I don't play this playoff game is right now there might not be another playoff game.
“Everyone has the fire, but the champions know when to ignite the spark.”
You just want this thing. That's what I want to make you understand that when you do what you want to do put your whole heart and soul into it. I don't want to know what you do over there because what you do over there has absolutely nothing to do with making your opponent surrender what you do there has everything to do with at what point you wake up. what is that you are doing right now that would be a liability for you? As you began to see what the future is and Take Inventory of yourself what is about you right now that you have got to leave behind. because it no longer fits where you want to go and what kind of person you must become What kind of standard you want to hold. What is that you must do differently. if you don't change your behaviour and don't change your thinking you are gonna continue to produce the same result which you don't want for your bright future.  So all of you should look at your game plan you should get the strategy how is it that you have been being. So in the film of your life, you are the director you are the producer you are the scriptwriter you are the hero of your film and no one can replace you. When you begin to look into your life you can decide whether or not it's a hit whether or not it's a flop that's all in your own hand.
Think of your goal, think where are you and where you have to go don't worry about your circumstances don't worry about your age do you want to make this your decade you have got to start saying yes to your life you have got to start saying yes to your dreams start saying yes to your future yes to your potential. So you have to make a conscious deliberate determined efforts to say yes to your dreams. Don't waste your time complaining like most people do and deny to take any efforts by saying why not me. Use that same energy to get up from them and move on and get on with your life. You have to learn to get rid of the past. Make your mind up so you can grow, many people never act on the dreams because they allow the past experiences to determine what the possibilities are. Whatever you have done in the past that's not a shadow of your possibilities that's just the reflection of your outcomes just reflection of your growth and development. The future is unfolding for you right now the future don't have any limits for you right now no one knows where you can go no one knows what path you will follow what you are capable of what's possible for you it has everything to do what have you worked out to achieve your dream it has everything to do how you prepare yourself for every single thing every day.
A person never win-lose a person only learn. If a person wins he learns what to do to win and if a person fails he learns what not to do, it's always about to learning. Everything you do is getting prepared for that and when you want it as bad as you want to breathe says, I am willing to make any sacrifice I want to go through any pain I wanted to go through any suffering I am willing to go through whatever it takes. You will never hear that a person died because of working out hard for his dream. If you are not ready to take risk in life you cannot grow and if you cannot grow you cannot become the best and if you cannot become your best you cannot be happy and if you can't be happy what else is there in your life. So next time when you think that you are done and you are completely exhausted start your count from there because that's where the point start which makes a huge difference between a loser and a champion. If you want to reach above everyone you have to take steps which no one is ready to take and that may break you may make you cry But if you go on doing this thing one day you will emerge as champion.
be a champion

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