Life is Short

Life is Short


Have you ever imagine how short our life is? Life will only have a little time. Although it will continue to move on. You cannot hold your life and take every day for granted. Every one of us has experienced huge loses in our life. We all gone through that moment where we lose someone, someone you loved cared or someone who you look up to, But yet we are still here. And now we must move on. Now think on what example we will set to the world when we leave, What kind of leadership and what kind of values do we have? How do we move on?
How do we lead the next generation who look at you the same way you looked at someone you got inspired from? Felling of hate is not gonna help here. Being afraid of showing the world who you truly are will limit who you really are from inside. Don’t let anyone to hide your true self from you. Don't let anyone to teach you what values you should hold and values you will put in front of your loved once. Don’t get afraid of being honest. Don’t be afraid to be truthful. Don’t ever think that you are different being different is also difficult to a lot of people. But I can assure you this, No one in the entire world can play the role you are playing better than you. When your time comes what you like to leave behind. What legacy will remain after you are gone, to make others realise about your greatness, your losses your victories your sorrows? 
This is a very little life which we all have and its not easy to live it each day. It's not to go through so many different circumstances and challenges. It's not easy to go to your job and maybe it's your last day at the job. It's not easy to get through the thoughts of feeding your family when you are earning marginal. All these circumstances and pain and however tough life is, many people still come back and will say that's how life is. We cannot blame life. It's not life which brings all these circumstances and sufferings which you face today, its the purpose, and purpose is always truthful. It will never lie. Why you exist. I will tell you to hold on and never give up. I want you to every little sunshine you have, and understand that game is not over for you. I want you to believe that life, at last, will always gonna be good.
It's matters not how a man dies, but how he lives.-Samuel Johnson
But always remember one thing that sooner or later we all will punch that clock. So keep going and never give up. And give your best every day. Always have the right attitude to make your existence matter.

Your existence is not by some accident, your existence hold deep meaning. Are you buckle up to take on the unknown? Are you prepared? You don't even know how beautiful it is to be unknown of something coming to your way. Sometimes it's not necessary to understand every aspect, sometimes it's not necessary to know everything. But you should be ready. Are you ready to accept the fact that at one day the thing what you know as life the moment you curse as life will come to an end? So what you are gonna do about the life which you have right now and slipping through your hand every day. Life is such a great and beautiful, It has so much university to it. Some people cant explain life some people can't even imagine the life, Sometimes you can even ask your self that I don't deserve this life. At some point, it may have come through your mind why I need to go through so much of sufferings. Your life is temporary and it will not last long. If you just sitting there doing nothing with this wonderful gift called life. Sitting there with hate and jealousy in your mind then you are blocking your possibilities for kindness your principles, who you really are inside. The time will come and you leave this world and they gone put you in the fire.No one can go and jump in that fire with you to celebrate your death you just experienced. Yes, it's a little harsh. It may be a little scary also. But you can't hide from this you can never fake this.
Life is small. And the only thing is you keep going through your life and set an example through all the things you have gone through. Set a moral which will impact the lives of other peoples. You can ner stop living. You can never stop fighting. You can never stop growing. Just understand that yesterday today and tomorrow are in 3 different universes. And can only have your existence in now in this moment. This is reality. You can never fix anything, which is broken. Few things can mend in time. And for things you should be left alone. They are too many negative people already in this world, try to be a ray of hope and joy in this dark world.
You must have peace in your heart. You must have peace in your spirit. Life is Short.
Life is Short

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