Lessons you learn from working in Start-Ups

Lessons you learn from working in Start-Ups

Lessons you learn from working in Start-Ups

Being at a startup is like being at a rugged ship having a storm coming your way!
After spending years in big to mid-sized established organizations, '' I combined a startup and worked together with them for at least two years. I have to say it was a journey worth venturing to -- saturated in learning and challenges.
For someone who is wanting to feel a great feeling of importance and accountability, this is a location to be. Nevertheless, it's not just that, you must perfect the art of being unflappable. Here are my three important learnings I carried forward with me to prospective careers and individual struggles.

1. Practice Positive Mindset

"Get rid of the mindset of can't as you can do anything." -- Tony Horton
Entrepreneurs constantly start with a constructive outlook, however, it simply takes one failure to jolt your feelings up and bring out the unwanted manner the moment it senses defeat, failure, or threat. And unless you train the brain to practice positivity and calmness, then it'll affect the full environment and trickle down to most of the men and women who are part of this startup.
There is obviously an answer to an issue, and you could always figure it out.
The moment you remember that you will feel a fire of exude strength inside you. Being at a startup made me recognize that no two days are the same; that you do know exactly what the conclusion of your day has available for you personally. And that could cause a lot of uncertainty -- that which kept me sane was meditation.
The main thing is to leave your ego behind and clinic positivity.

2. Game of Execution

"Failing is a choice here. If things are Failing, then you aren't innovating enough." -- Elon Musk
Act, but don't just think. Every idea is good as it's the cycle of both improvisation and collapse that makes it brilliant. Unless you start, you won't get into the video game.
Flickr, the world's most prestigious image and video hosting agency, started being an online role-playing game that permitted users to buy, sell items, and also socialize in real-time with other users. It's the constant test and several pivots that will ultimately lead one in the right direction.
Since iterations are essential and, as often advised by industry mentors, pivot -- bounce back from collapse till you will find product-market fit.
The secret is not to let significant pivots affect your sanity and attitude. Maybe not every entrepreneur may be a fantastic manager, but when you know just how to peacefully and strategically maneuver a crisis, you'll have a favorable work environment and profitable days. 

3. Speak Your Brain

The single biggest dilemma in communication is the illusion that it's occurred  -- George Bernard Shaw
Frequently the air at a startup might be stressful -- and also the one's circumstances can exude negativity to the job environment if not managed sensibly. Such situations can bring the worst in you, that might influence work and your connection with your employees/peers.
Speak up, voice the anxiety, and clean the air -- only then do you want to be able to present your own 100%. Otherwise, the problem would consume you and affect your productivity.
I have experienced first-hand how effective communication can result in improved results.
Learning shouldn't ever stop, and I am grateful that I had an opportunity to work in a startup and become challenged daily. It's as you really do things differently; just then you definitely start your mind to infinite possibilities for the professional and individual growth.
In the end, all that matters is your take away. And as my friend Vineet used to say it requires three P's to be successful -- Patience, Perseverance, and Practice.

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Lessons you learn from working in Start-Ups

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