Work Hard and Smart

Work Hard and Smart

Work Hard and Smart

Have you ever thought about why some hard workers are so successful and others can't seem to find it out?
Can it be identity? Self-image? Lack of perception?
Let's face it, even if you would like to find success in any area of life you've got to work hard. Working is the minimum you want to reach the degree of success you desire. But at the same time working smart is equally important. Yes and no? You might need to make a few adjustments while you need both smart work as well as hard work.

1. You've Shiny Object Syndrome

You are never likely to find success if you are constantly going after whatever is exciting right now. And in today's world of media that is social, it is so simple to accomplish.
For instance I have an internet business selling online courses but I met a few folks doing e-commerce (and earning a lot of cash ) a few months ago. Rather than staying with my business, I tried to do exactly what they had been doing, though I ended up losing money and time and had no experience. We are looking for short cuts over here.
It is not that I couldn't have been successful, it is that I had been believing short term, not long term. Make sure to see it through prior to moving in the next experience, if you're starting something new.
Don't waste your time jumping around from one thing to another without mastering neither of them. You can discover ways to locate new opportunities.
Follow one course until success

2. You are communicating with the same Audience

If you want to find success but continue asking the very same people for information, it is likely that you're going to find exactly the very same outcomes. Trust me, I get it... It's easy to hang out with people you've known for quite a very long moment. The inside jokes, the previous memories, etc..
But with old mates comes old tales and the same advice. Unless they are leveling up like you are, it's easy to hang out with exactly the men and women, have precisely the same thoughts, rather than challenge yourself to find solutions, and new ideas.
Recall, working smart and hard is not enough. You need to immerse yourself with folks doing what you wish to do at a level that is high.
You can't hang out with ordinary people and demand marvelous outcomes. Seek out classes or people who make you feel inadequate (initially ) so that they could help bring you up to their level of success.

3. You're Hate Taking Risks

When Elon Musk marketed Paypal he created over 180 million bucks. Most people would retire and end up on a beach for the next 50 decades. But maybe not someone as extraordinary as Elon. No, rather he spent all that money (yes, it all ) financing SpaceX and Tesla.
At the time, this was a monumental risk. SpaceX was the first firm and electrical automobiles were essentially laughed at. However he felt in himself and took the threat. Now, he's worth over 5 billion dollars.
I am not saying you need to bet every dollar on yourself but I said to start to take calculated risks. If you keep doing what you've always done, you are likely to find the results you obtained.
Don't fear failure fear being in the exact same place next year since you are today.

4. You Hate Change

Change is necessary for growth. And the majority of men and women think when it is just the brain's survival mechanism trying to help you avoid pain and doubt, that they despise change.
Remember your brain is hardwired to despise shift, it up to you to push through fear, doubt, and uncomfortable situations to become the next best form of you. The longer you can do it the better you'll get and the less you'll dread changing. As Tony Robbins said, “If you aspire life to change, you have to develop. If you aspire to live to get better, you have to get better. It’s the only way it’s going to happen.”
Start Fixing these four problems and I promise you'll find success. Quit trying to do exactly the identical thing over and over again expecting different results.
Work Hard and Smart

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