11 Things to Tell Yourself When You Feel Discouraged

11 Things to Tell Yourself When You Feel Discouraged

11 Things to Tell Yourself When You Feel Discouraged

The steep street of life is never intended to be smooth. There are times when we all feel discouraged with nobody at our sight to help, and all these are the times when you want yourself the maximum. You need to have a positive prep talk yourself. It's effortless to let negative thoughts occupy your mind, except to come out from this trap is the real hard work that impacts the condition of psychological health also.
This is how writing helped me reduce my nervousness.
When I feel discouraged, these are the 11 things that I tell myself.

1. This too shall pass

This quotation has made my life a bit simple when I hit the stone. I have a horrible habit of imagining things even before they come into existence because of this, I get stressed when things do not happen according to my intended way. But slowly, I am trying to learn to know this simple fact that everything is temporary. The idea that is affecting me now so much will not be in existence after ten years of my lifetime. This has helped me to lower my stress and stress.

2. He'll make a way

Prayer is indeed mighty. Just by understanding that the Supreme Lord, our Almighty, always has a better plan for us, provides confidence, the expectation of viewing things getting better. He is able, and he will undoubtedly make all the items okay in his period. He'll hold us up if we feel low. Trust his powers, he's miraculous.

3. Don't worry about what you can't change

If things are under our hands, we should certainly try our best to make them work. But if we're dragging along the baggage of prospective worries or doubts, then we'll surely get worn out at the end of the day. This takes us away from the joy of the present. Why worry about something which is not in our hands?

4. Count your blessings

Everything, every single minute of taking in-breath, is a reason to be grateful. You have gotten to the area you once thought impossible to travel much. The scary mountains are now defeated. It's okay if some things did not work out as per your desire since they will be coming live as per his wish. Write down three things you are really blessed with. The result will probably surprise you with exactly what the Lord has done.

11 Things to Tell Yourself When You Feel Discouraged

5. If it's meant to be, It is Going to be

There's this dominant Arabic term 'MAKTUB,' which means it is all written. This also does not intend to stop trying and leaving everything on fate or destiny. When it's meant for you, it will undoubtedly happen no matter how hard you try to prevent it. Trust the magic of the universe, it always helps the seekers.

6. I'm able

I continuously remind myself of my lost strength, which I had always possessed in the time of difficulty. Sometimes the small reminders help us develop out from the state of giving up. Inform yourself that you have all of the strength to overcome all the issues you are facing. You are a fighter, and it is all fine to stand up again and conquer the inside. Remind yourself that I'll get through this for, if life is demanding, I am harder. Self-love opt-in.

7. Everything Isn't meant to be ideal

Things work out at their own speed, and devotion is a vague myth. Planning for all getting in pace at once is the cause of worry. Life isn't smooth to travel on. Tell yourself that it will take some time, but it is going to take place. You do not need to make everything right at once, at one time period. It is alright for those who have not yet figured out the answer, you may need soon. In the end, you'll discover the way.

8. Things will get better

Hold on and possess the patience, small heart. Things will get better with time. If they could get worst, they can also get better. I typically teach my heart to be patient, to have the skill of waiting with trust. Inform yourself, it will get better, sooner. Such affirmations have helped me throughout my hard times. You can get it, only you need to wait a little longer than expected, but not forget you're always analyzed.

9. I need to stop blaming

When things do not work out, we often blame individuals or situations for that instead of accepting the price. Sometimes we even blame ourselves and get into negative self-talk. Things happened or went wrong since they were supposed to, it is not because of you or somebody else. All you could do is to take charge and help yourself to come out of the mess. Tell yourself that you're capable enough to set everything all right.

10. Don't compare

This is completely fine if the race is with your self. However, anxiety happens when we compare our voyage with someone else. No two lives can be the same, and hence they shouldn't be compared. All of us get our share of achievement once the ideal time arrives. Do not compare your real life by using their reel emphasis.

11. I can make a shift

Take control of the things happening and know that you have the power to alter them as per your wish. It's possible to change the environment, your state of mind, and hence feel better and empowered. Have a lead, for it's your life, and we live only once.

These points have really helped me in a difficult time, and I hope they help you too. Do let me know your views in the comments. 

11 Things to Tell Yourself When You Feel Discouraged

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