Every dream is going to be challenged!

Every dream is going to be challenged!
Every dream is going to be challenged

Every dream is going to be challenged!

"Every dream is going to be challenged!"
These powerful words by a mentor of mine have been burnt in passion into my memory. Rarely, a dream or goal comes accurate quickly and effortlessly, without delays, difficulties, or barriers. It's much more common, however, that you have to overcome many obstacles and suffer some pain before achieving any meaningful goal.
Along with the larger your dreams, the harder your challenge, the harder your goals, the more likely it is that you will face problems in your path towards it.
When this occurs, what will you do? Will you give up? Or will you endure and strive and succeed?
A lot of this depends upon your own attitude and experience. Some of this depends upon your abilities and network. And a small bit is dependent on luck or chance.
"The mystery to my success back then, lay more in the simple fact that I stuck to anything I ventured long enough for it to do the job!"

Bumpy Road...

Let's say you embark on a holiday trip. You load your car up with all the equipment you will need to enjoy a slack week-long vacation, plan your destination, and set out to the drive.
Halfway along your planned route, the road becomes bumpy and rough. You're driving with an unpaved path with potholes and pits, deserts, and bramble scraping both sides of your vehicle. It is an uncomfortable ride, with plenty of jolting and bumping in your chair.
But regrettably, this is the one and only means you can get to this lovely camping spot you recall fondly and love relaxing at.
What can you do?
You can change your plans, turn the vehicle around, and return home. Or drive back to the highway and move someplace else, even though your heart has been set with this vacation place. Or it is possible to curse and swear in the discomfort and continue.
Or you'll be able to count your blessings, be glad about using a car for there, a route (even if a poor one) that lead the place, and a map to direct you along the right way.
Plus, you really, really love that area -- and need to be there shortly!
Actually, you want that bad, you are even willing to lose weight and increase the remainder of the way if the car can not make it through.
That travel is life. Along with your company growth path. The car is you. The motorist is the mindset.
When the'driver' is decisive and decided, he simply won't quit!

What Drives You?

The courage and persistence to keep going on, past challenges and barriers, are powered with intention. Your goal.
I heard from so many people. They've been pumped by crippling core defects that restrict their capability in lots of ways. Some fight to even breathe and eat because their overloaded hearts won't take the anxiety.
But they're fighters. They won't only lie back and forth succumb. These tiny tots, some hardly months or weeks, will furiously struggle against the odds, u and rebound back to life -- running and playing around times later.
They have no-decision. To give up would be to perish. And they are survivors.
Are you? What drives you to keep on going?
The answer to this question will direct you towards your definite purpose. Any endeavor driven and fueled by ambition can't fail.
Every dream is going to be challenged

Choosing Strategies

There are 3 filters by which you must pass any undertaking, job, or job you're called on to perform. It can help you determine if it will give there will not quit' test.

1. Can Work That Matters

There have been several occasions as a software engineer, at 2 in the morning, I've sat at the desk table, bone-weary and exhausted, attempting to get my loading done for go live the very next day.
It would have been so much simpler and convenient to just return to sleep and bed. However, the stakes have been too large. Everything else is placed on hold. And you just do not give up.
If you find work that matters, giving it up is not an option. So I prefer only the kind of work that matters. No, it does not have to always be'life-saving' or world-changing.' But it must matter enough to you that you will not casually think of abandoning it if a distraction or obstruction crops upward.

2. Work what you love

Each one of us has experienced this experience at some time in our life. We get involved in something and forget the entire world around us. Perhaps it's a book, or a movie, or a game. Maybe it's writing a story, or even a poem, or even a painting, or also programming a job. Perhaps it's cooking or a hobby. You get so intensely involved with this, which suddenly you appear and find with a startling surprise which hours have slipped by in only minutes!
That occurs when you do work which you really and truly love. Stuff that amuses and engulfs you. That you are passionate and excited about. And when you are engaged in this work, you do not want to discontinue. Even when you're tired or hungry or have anything else to do, then you extend to attempt to keep doing it.
Locate work that you enjoy, and you won't have to work the next day of your life... you'll only have fun all of the time! 

3. Do Work You Are Good At

I'm not too good with numbers. Totting up figures and multiplying or adding them always gives me a headache. So every year, when tax time rolls around, I'm in a terrible mood. (How about you? You enjoy doing your taxes?! )
Every minute wasted on this mandatory annual activity feels like I'm spending it in a dentist's chair as he operates with his drill on my intestines. But I can write for hours and not contact the strain. Or code for eight hours and never even get tired. That's because I am good at those other items.
Do everything you're good at. Delegate or market (or maybe even dismiss ) the other things that you could afford to, and you won't run the risk of consuming. When you are good at it, you do not wish to give up. Even difficulties become obstacles to be conquered, not barriers to keep you down.

4. Coping Strategies

So you have carefully chosen the kind of job to do -- work that things, which you are passionate about, which you're good at. Does this mean that everything will automatically run smoothly and without difficulty?
Of course not. You'll have precisely the identical kind of problems since you'll have with any other type of job or jobs. The only real difference -- and it's a big one -- is that you will be better able to cope with the challenges.
Here are some approaches that will help:

1. Search for the flip side

At an outstanding book of the same name, "The Flipside," Adam J. Jackson shares tons of tales of those who've been beaten down by life. Crippling accidents. Misfortunes of arrival. Social, political, or economic circumstances. Sheer bad luck. All these conspired to break them and defeat them down.
But did those heroes and heroines give up?
No, sir! They fought back by using a simple device that is the focus of this book... they sought and discovered the flip side. The silver liner. The lighting at the end of the tunnel.
And that enriched their lives and powered their fantasies along with enjoyable and unimagined instructions. They made even gan evener impact on their planet than when they had not confronted those misfortunes in any way.
When you search for the'hidden' great behind all the wrong' things that occur in your search for achievement, the flip side will help you beyond any cubes and maintain your momentum and progress.

2. Concentrate on the Target

Recently I first heard this story in the accountant who worked with NPOs. He said:
"Whenever I am operating on a non-profit's account, I don't see rows and columns of numbers. I see the grinning faces of these people. We are working to help!"
What a potent approach to frame the work you are doing! By remaining focused on the outcome of everything you do, every day, in every way, you cannot help but be encouraged and motivated to continue going.
When you select your jobs carefully so the work you do matters, keeping that ultimate goal in mind as you do it could be unexpectedly inspiring. Why are you doing this? Where do you plan to go? What's going to happen when this is completed? The answers may energize you. 

3. Do not see obstacles -- Watch solutions

Too often, we have a tendency to focus on the problems and difficulties along our path. Stop. Search for answers.
Our head tends to find whatever we are searching for. If we're looking for excuses to fail or to justify our decision not to push ahead, we'll find them in the shape of setbacks, constraints, and limitations. However, when we obsess about finding a way beyond at least one of these restraints and breaking through to the degree of achievement, we put out in quest of, then we see these options.
 I was beset by problems from several different directions. Each could destroy all I'd worked tirelessly to build over the years. All of these occurred concurrently!
By choosing to focus on solutions instead of reveling in my issues, I discovered them. Instantly I received aid from other quarters. Barely three months after, what was back to an even keel -- in fact, slightly better than before. 

4. Ask for help and support

We cannot reside in splendid isolation -- as attractive as that may sound! We need people around us, for a lot of distinct reasons. And with more people in your circle is typically a good thing.
If you feel like giving up, ask for support. The challenges that are scaring you or threatening to violate you are likely not as rare, odd, or even impossible to conquer as you thought. It's possible to tap into the collective experience and wisdom of people like you, that likely have also had difficulties like yours.
And people really like to help others. Especially when they have faced and overcome an identical challenge. Just ask someone about simple matters like how to get rid of your snoring, or things to do whenever your cellphone becomes soaked in plain water, and odds are you are going to get a flood of helpful responses. Possessing supportive people in your corner will allow you to keep moving -- till you grab your'second wind' of inspiration and motivation from within. 

5. Engage with enthusiastic classes. 

You can not hang about a passionate individual with no of that positive energy rubbing off on you!
Being in a group of passionate people that are solving their particular problems, living their fantasies, and chasing their own mission in life can help tide you over any temporary set back. On the flip side, surrounding yourself using nay-sayers and pessimists who consistently see the worst chances can quickly dull your enthusiasm -- and make it a lot easier to just give up. So select your friends and network sensibly.
I hope this short report is of some aid in maintaining you keep on. Bear in mind this quote -- it's true: "Winners never quit, and quitters never win!"
The courage and persistence to keep moving on, beyond hurdles and barriers, is powered with intention. Your goal. Discover it. Tap into it. Reach it.
Finally, that is what success means -- to you personally and to me.
Every dream is going to be challenged
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