12 Little Things That Show People You’re Intelligent — Without You Having To Say It


12 Little Things That Show People You’re Intelligent — Without You Having To Say It

A few days back I was called to the client location for my project meetup in Banglore. I was in a breakfast meeting.
Four people around a small table on the outside deck of a wonderful hotel, right in the garden, one of the women from the group, brought two boxes of avocado toast from the café.
"For us to share," she said.
My first thought was, "Just how are we going to share an avocado toast in those boxes?"
The man we had been meeting started talking about his venture, and since I was listening I noticed the woman tearing the lids and sides off the boxes.
After she was done, the untouched slices of avocado sat on a bed of cardboard, out in the open for all of us to share.
I immediately chalked her up as being a wise person, and a person I would like working with.
Whether we realize it or not our actions convey a lot more about people than words do.
We judge each other depending on the way we behave, not how we say we act.
Having this in mind, here are 12 little things that show people you’re intelligent — without you having to say it.

1. Be on time

The most simple index of all.
If you're late, you are disrespectful. It does not matter the circumstance -- unless the other party is fortunately in precisely the same boat (both of you enduring the same traffic).
Rule of thumb: if you are not early, you're late.

2. Dressing appropriately.

Some people state, “It’s always better to be overdressed.”.
I disagree.
Getting overdressed is exactly the identical difficulty as being underdressed, but you're probably a lot more comfortable. However, they still highlight exactly the identical problem: you didn't do enough due diligence to determine what will be suitable to utilize.
Take the opportunity to understand where you are going and what the expectation is.
This way you are going to show yourself in the best light possible.

3. Assessing the little things.

"The true mystery of happiness lies in taking a genuine interest in all the aspects of daily life."
If you're able to recall the small stuff, people may think fondly of you forever.
Something as straightforward as, "I've got you black, no cream, since I recall you telling me you did not drink milk," could turn somebody into your very best friend.
And that's because listening reveals your care.

4. Maintaining the door open.

When I was growing up and walking together with my mom, every door we would approach she would stand facing and wait.
She would wait for me to open it.
I love that she taught me that.
This type of small action, together with any person being, reveals your willingness to put others ahead of you.

5. The artwork on your walls.

Ever walk into a workplace, or someone's place and think, "Wow, this person has to be fascinating."
The way you keep your distance shows others what talks to you. What motivates you. What interests you, and what you think is well worth considering daily.
Pick things that provide depth to your personality.

6. Your shoes.

This isn't about buying what's most expensive, or what is trendy.
Your personality of shoes says a great deal about you personally, as a person. They are among the few things an individual could wear that is clearly representative of their character. As an example, somebody might be wearing old jeans and a t-shirt, but with fine shoes, you immediately classify them as someone deliberate.
Your shoes say a lot about you.

7. When you take notes.

The most apparent example occurs with a restaurant server.
An unlearned restaurant host will try to impress you by not only carrying out their notepad to jot down your order. A smart server will recognize they have more to lose than they can do to gain from taking this risk and will make notes as required.
The same is true for just about anything in life. Why risk your friend's pickup order? Why risk your boss's coffee petition? Why risk losing your business partner's thoughts from the meeting?
Taking notes shows you'd rather things get done, and done right.

8. The state of your desktop computer.

How vulnerable would you feel about showing a person your desktop?
If there are documents everywhere, that's a very clear sign you're cluttered and out of forms.
But imagine someone looking in a tidy, well-organized desktop using a few folders that are clearly labeled.
What sort of outcome would they draw about you?

9. Spending money wisely.

I am all for enjoying yourself, however, how you spend your money is a really clear reflection of your worth as someone.
Who'll spend it all on?
When and Where.
This will say a great deal about you -- if you always realize it or not.

10. How you spend your time.

The actions you call your own will be arguably the most powerful indicator of your priorities as somebody.
Can you spend your time working for yourself? Or do you squander it trying to stay distracted in the things that truly matter?
We're a reflection of how we spend our time.

11. The foods you eat.

Your body is your temple.
What you eat and how you prioritize taking good care of yourself says more about you than you may realize. It shows what things to you (immediate satisfaction or long-term wellbeing ). It shows discipline, consistency.
You are what you eat

12. Your group of friends.

"You are the reflection of those seven people you give the most time with."
Who we associate speaks volumes regarding our outlook in life, our faith, our goals, and what we find most important in everyday life.
If you wish to meet the correct people, hang around the appropriate folks.
And should you wish to improve yourself, spend some time with those who appreciate self-improvement?s


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