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Firefox Picture-in-Picture

Mozilla has released Firefox 71 using a special treat for Windows 10 users; the capability to watch videos by means of a brand new picture-in-picture mode.
Mozilla Firefox has obtained an update that brings along a very helpful feature to the favorite browser. The update, which has rolled out on Windows, brings the browser the feature, so while browsing tabs in their Windows PC users can watch videos.
At an official Firefox website article, the company wrote: "Let us face it, we are all guilty of multi-tasking whether it's checking email in a meeting or internet shopping and seeing product videos until we press the purchase button. We all have busy lives and wish to get the absolute most from each moment. In the modern Firefox release, we're rolling out Picture-in-Picture accessible all video sites."
To activate the feature, all a user has to do is hover over a video. This will show a"picture in picture" option in the movie. Click on this choice, and viola, your movie will play in a little window on your screen.
This is fantastic for all of the times you've wanted to see a brand new trailer for a film you are interested in, or perhaps only a random YouTube movie at work, without needing to actually quit functioning. Just set into PiP mode, drag it around until it's at a place where you're comfortable watching it and that is it.
As stated before, the attribute has only rolled out to the Windows edition of this privacy-oriented browser, but if you're a Mac or Linux user, then you should not need to wait too long. Mozilla says the feature will make its move to macOS and Linux in January end.
So next time you come across a movie you wanna see as you're at the center of your workday, give Picture in Picture a shot, and begin multi-tasking.


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